Determining the Factors That Affect the Objectives of Pre-Service Science Teachers to Perform Outdoor Science Activities

Ersin Karademir, Sinan Erten
269 33


The purpose of this study is to determine whether pre-service teachers have an aim to perform outdoor education activities within the scope of science and technology course; by which factors this aim is affected, through The Theory of Planned Behaviour and the opinions of pre-service teachers. Accordingly, the study was designed as mixed research method. With the aim of defining the factors that affect the objectives of pre-service teachers to perform outdoor education activities within the scope of science courses, âOutdoor Science Activities Performing Scaleâ, improved by Karademir (2013) was used. The eventual scale was applied to 1513 pre-service teachers studying at science teaching department. Additionally, qualitative data obtained from pre-service teachers through structured interview forms were evaluated together with quantitative data. Providing diversity in method, this enhanced the explanatory features of the data.


Outdoor science education, the theory of planned behaviour

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