Digital Competences of Prospective Engineers and Science Teachers: A Latent Profile and Correspondence Analysis

Lydia Schulze Heuling, Steffen Wild, Anja Vest
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In the light of ubiquitous information and communication technologies (ICT) it is essential for everyone to be digitally competent. This is particularly true for prospective engineers and teachers since their jobs play an important role in shaping our common future. We assessed engineering and science teacher students’ (n=180) digital competences at two higher education institutions in Germany using the DigComp framework. Applying a group comparison using t-Test analysis we found no differences in the level of digital competences. However, the subsequent latent profile analysis followed by correspondence analysis revealed that high digital competences correspond with a frequent use of various ICT, supporting the theory of the importance of implicit learning. Secondly, the data points towards a reproduction of the patterns of the digital divide showing the influence of socio-economic background and gender on the expression of digital competences. Recommendations for agents (student advisory services, companies, etc.) that wish to support and improve students’ digital competences are incorporated in the conclusions. 


Digital competences, Science teacher students, Engineering students, Digital competences, Correspondence analysis

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Heuling, L. S., Wild, S., & Vest, A. (2021). Digital competences of prospective engineers and science teachers: A latent profile and correspondence analysis. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 9(4), 760-782.



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