The Effect of ICT-Enhanced Blended Learning on Elementary School Students’ Achievement in English and Attitudes towards English Lesson

Danagul Assylzhanova, Nurzhan Seisenbek, Sakhipzhamal Uzakbaeva, Bizhomart Kapalbek
923 491


The purpose of the present study was to comparatively examine the effects of ICT-enhanced blended curriculum and traditional teaching practices in elementary school English courses. The research was carried out in accordance with the pretest posttest experimental model with a control group. The study was carried out in a elementary school in Kazakhstan with the participation of 60 elementary school students (30 experiment and 30 control) attending 4th grade. In the research, a pretest was applied to the experimental and control groups before the experimental procedure. As a pretest, the English achievement and attitude scales towards the same course were applied to the subjects. In the study, computer aided blended instruction was used in the experimental group and traditional instruction was applied in the control group. Experimental applications lasted eight weeks. In the study, the same scales were applied to the experimental and control groups as a posttest. Two weeks after the posttest, the English achievement test was administered to both groups as a retention test. According to the research findings, the computer-aided blended teaching application applied in the experimental group enabled the students to achieve higher English achievement, positive attitude and learning permanence compared to the control group in which traditional teaching was applied.


English, ICT, Blended learning, Elementary school, Experimental research

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Assylzhanova, D., Seisenbek, N., Uzakbaeva, S., & Kapalbek, B. (2022). The effect of ICT-enhanced blended learning on elementary school students’ achievement in English and attitudes towards English lesson. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 10(3), 632-649.



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