Development of a Website-Based Sexual Violence Management Information System in Higher Education

Endin Mujahidin, Abdul Rahmat Rosyadi, Novita Br Ginting, Rudi Hartono, Hasan Basri Tanjung
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This study aims to (1) comprehensively describe the design of web-based sexual violence information systems (SIM) in universities, (2) Describe sexual violence efforts in (3) Explore and explain the role of web-based Management Information Systems (SIM) in efforts to prevent sexual violence in Higher Education. This research was designed with the type of Research and Development research. This type is directed to show facts or events systematically and accurately regarding certain conditions as the focus of the study. The data collection method is carried out in three ways, including: (1) observation, (2) interview, (3) questionnaire, (4) documentation. All four are carried out in a planned manner to obtain complete and relevant data. The collected data are then analyzed using induction techniques, namely by drawing conclusions ranging from specific statements or facts to conclusions of a general nature. Research reports are presented in the form of detailed descriptive descriptions, equipped with product prototypes, images and tables as the scope of discussion. The findings of this study show that (1) the sexual violence management information system in higher education is a form of service that manages data into information with the support of website facilities as a medium of interaction, (2) efforts to prevent sexual violence in universities include task force making activities, training and workshops on sexual violence assistance, and (3) the role of web-based management information systems in preventing sexual violence in universities as a form of university commitment to make decisions / policies in developing educational institutions, and also helping service users (stakeholders) to channel their aspire for the development of institutions.


Development, Web-based sexual violence, Management information system, Higher education

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Mujahidin, E., Rosyadi, A.R., Ginting, N.B., Hartono, R., & Tanjung, H.B. (2023). Development of a website-based sexual violence management information system in higher education. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 375-387.



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