The Effect of Health-Saving Educational Technologies on Development of Natural Abilities of Schoolchildren

Sagdat Sadykov, Kulzhanat Bulatbayeva, Galiyapanu Rezuanova, Almagul Mukhamedkhanova
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Health saving-based educational technologies aim to provide a combination of children's needs, motivations, knowledge, optimal health level and normal physical development. In this study, the effect of the health-saving educational technologies program applied to secondary school students in increasing their physical fitness, self-efficacy in sports and mental endurance in reducing negative nutritional behaviors was examined. In the study, experimental procedures were carried out according to the 2x2 control group, pretest and posttest trial model. Experimental applications of the study lasted for 10 weeks, with 33 experimental and 33 control group students. During this period, the health-saving educational technologies program was applied in the experimental group; on the other hand, no application was made in the control group. Before and after the experimental procedure, pretests and posttests were applied to the experimental and control groups (Physical Fitness Test, Sports Self-Efficacy Scale, Negative Eating Behavior Scale and Mental Endurance Scale). According to the research findings, the students in the experimental group, who applied the health-saving educational technologies program, achieved higher levels of physical fitness, sports self-efficacy and mental endurance than their peers in the control group. It has also been found that the health-saving educational technologies program is effective in reducing negative eating behaviors.


Health-saving educational technologies, Eating habits, Physical fitness, Self-efficacy

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Sadykov, S., Bulatbayeva, K., Rezuanova, G., & Mukhamedkhanova, A. (2023). The effect of health-saving educational technologies on development of natural abilities of schoolchildren. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 323-339.



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