The Effect of Using Computer Assisted Instruction Method in History Lessons on Students' Success and Attitudes

Sayat Zhussupbayev, Saniya Nurgaliyeva, Nurbek Shayakhmet, Gulfira Otepova, Anara Karimova, Berik Matayev, Hadi Bak
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The aim of this study is to examine the effect of teaching the "History of world civilizations" unit of High School 2nd History Lesson using computer assisted instruction methods on students' achievement, attitudes towards history lesson and retention of learned information. The experimental design model was preferred as the research model in the study, and the history lesson achievement test and attitude towards lessons scale created by the researchers were used as data collection tools. First of all, in the study, the effect of the lesson subjects taught by using computer assisted teaching methods and the lesson subjects taught by traditional teaching methods on the academic achievement, attitude and recall level of the students in the high school 2nd grade history lesson was adapted to the experimental design model used in the research. The data used were compiled by using a scale created by the researcher, pre-test, post-test and retention (recall) test. In our study, it was found that the achievement test scores of the History lesson "History of world civilizations" unit showed a significant difference between the experimental and control groups, which were taught using two different teaching techniques after the experiment. According to these results, it was understood that computer-aided history teaching method is a more effective method in increasing academic achievement, attitude and retention of students on the learning of related units and subjects than traditional teaching methods in the processing of "History of world civilizations" unit.


History, History education, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), High school, Kazakhstan

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Zhussupbayev, S., Nurgaliyeva, S., Shayakhmet, N., Otepova, G., Karimova, A., Matayev, B., & Bak, H. (2023). The effect of using computer assisted instruction method in history lessons on students' success and attitudes. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 424-439.



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