Surveying Parents’ Attitudes towards the Hazards of Children's Toys

Nadia Ahmed A. AL Jadidi
495 282


The research aims to reveal the awareness of children's parents about the hazards of their children’s toys from the age groups (1-9 years). To examine the extent of their awareness of toy hazards and assess their attitudes towards them, the "case study" method was used. A survey was also built on the hazards of children's toys for this age group. The research attempted to cover most of the common toys available in the Saudi market. A random sample of 422 individuals who deal with children participated in the research. The findings revealed that the sample's responses to the hazards of toys were not reflective of the real risks. Also, most of the respondents do not read the instructions and warnings attached to the game, due to the lack of an approach or plan. In addition, those instructions and warnings are ambiguous and written in a foreign language which makes them difficult to read. They are often covered by the price tag of the game. The results of the qualitative analysis revealed the sample's perceptions of the forms of hazards in toys. Interpretations varied about the sources of hazards and the interpretation of the instructions attached to them. In light of the current findings, the research recommends that the relevant bodies examine toys according to agreed international standards, and increase consumers' awareness of the role of the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO). There should also be a website for them to communicate directly with the consumer, similar to CPSC, and design national notices directed to the Arab consumer in the Arabic language to impose control over these products and thus protect children from threatening their lives.


Toy hazards, Safety standards, Arab consumer, Safety alerts and warnings

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AL Jadidi, N. A. A. (2023). Surveying parents’ attitudes towards the hazards of children's toys. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 455-470.



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