Development of Physical Exercise E-book and Management of Diet in Football Athletes

Ardi Nusri, Esi Emilia, Tyas Permatasari, Yatty Destani Sandy, Caca Pratiwi, Erni Rukmana, Latifah Rahman Nurfazriah
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This research was carried out at the Sports Science Study Program, Faculty of Sports Science, Medan State University, and the Surrounding Medan Football Association (PSMS). The respondents in this study were ten athletes and four football coaches. The model that will be used is a Four-D (4D) model consisting of four (4) stages, namely, Define (defining), Design (design), Develop (development), and Disseminate (deployment). The results showed that most (> 95%) of respondents needed an E-Book on physical exercise and diet management for football athletes. They agreed that all physical training materials in the indicators mentioned must be in the E-book. The validation results of the material show that the material presented in the e-book is very suitable (3.67) with what is needed today and is ideal for use. The results of validation of the media show that this e-book media is included in the category of very suitable both for the completeness of presentation and the feasibility of graphics and can be used as an electronic medium for football sports. The readability test results received an average assessment of 3.75, meaning that the e-book can be declared very legible and suitable for use. The results of the different tests showed significant differences in the years before and after being given the intervention of physical training and diet E-books for Football Athletes. Athletes' knowledge has increased, with an average knowledge increase score of 19.4 points. Suggestions for future improvement and development of e-books are like adding more exciting images and multiplying case examples.


Development Physical exercise, E-book management, Diet football

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Nusri, A., Emilia, E., Permatasari, T., Sandy, Y.D., Pratiwi, C., Rukmana, E., & Nurfazriah, L.R. (2023). Development of physical exercise e-book and management of diet in football athletes. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 493-505.



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