Nature of Mental Image of University Students on Social Media: Facebook as a Model

Majed Numan AlKhudari
436 249


Social media networks have become a prominent role in forming social relations, especially among university students, the transmission of information, the circulation of data, and the spread of topics among students and all members of society. In addition, these networks reflect how people think, their lifestyles, and what issues they think about. Through them, we can study the prevailing behavior patterns, including the stereotypical or mental image of Syrian students in Jordan. Therefore, the current study aimed to identify the nature of the mental image of Syrian students in Jordanian universities as reflected by social media and to know the mental image in its various economic, political, and entertainment aspects that social media reflects on Syrian students. Also, the study looked at revealing patterns of social media use among students. The study followed the descriptive approach to achieve these objectives. A questionnaire was used on a sample of Jordanian university students. The results concluded that the Syrian students in Jordan live in good conditions and are treated well by the people of Jordan. Also, students in Jordanian universities do not differentiate between students according to their nationalities. Syrian students only suffer from poor material living conditions and suffer bad psychological conditions because of immigration and leaving their homelands. The material assistance provided by international organizations can significantly alleviate their suffering, and the image formed about them among the Jordanian people is a good one. Finally, Jordan did not witness any negative actions by these students. Rather, they reflected the good image of the Syrian Arab student. In light of the results, the study presented some recommendations and suggestions.


Social networks, Facebook , Syrian students, Mental image, Jordanian universities

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AlKhudari, M.N. (2023). Nature of mental image of university students on social media: Facebook as a model. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST), 11(2), 527-541.



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