Changing Preschool Children’s Attitudes into Behavior towards Selected Environmental Issues: An Action Research Study

Gozde Erturk Kara, E. Hande Aydos, Ozge Aydin
1064 406


The purpose of this study is to provide the transform of attitudes into behavior of 60-72 month of age children continued early childhood education toward environmental issues. Collaborative action research method of qualitative design was used. The whole participants of the study were 60-72 months of age children who were attending in an early childhood education center supervised by Ministry of National Education in Kartal District, in Istanbul. The data source of this study is the face to face interviews with 14 preschool children. In addition to the interviews with children, the teacher’s reports were used. Besides, in the research, it was seen that children generally have ecocentric attitudes towards paper consumption, environmental protection, recycling and living habits especially in residence and transportation preferences. However, in observation report of classroom teacher, it was seen that they did not behave in an ecocentric manner. After the action plan applied, classroom teacher has indicated a difference in children’s behavior.


Early childhood education, action research, environmental issues

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