The Use of History of Mathematics in the Mathematics Classroom: An Action Study

Suphi Önder Bütüner, Adnan Baki
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In this action study, instructional environments were enriched with activities related to the history of mathematics in order to deepen students’ beliefs about mathematics and reveal for them fun, interesting, and useful activities. The study enrolled twenty-four 8th-grade students. Data were collected by using multiple data collection tools. The data regarding the students’ beliefs about mathematics were collected via written opinion forms and semi-structured interviews. Prior to the study, the students perceived mathematics as a branch of science that is closed to development and did not know why or how it flourished. After the study, they stated that mathematics is open to development and is used to solve everyday problems. The study revealed a decrease in students’ absolutist beliefs about mathematics, and students found math fun and interesting as a result of engaging in activities that promote active problem-solving. In the future, other action studies involving the history of mathematics may be used to teach different topics at different grade levels.


Activity, beliefs about mathematics, history of mathematics, 8th grade

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Butuner, S.O. & Baki, A. (2020). The use of history of mathematics in the mathematics classroom: An action study. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (IJEMST), 8(2), 92-117.



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