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Year: 2020 Volume: 8 Number: 1 Third Graders’ Identities as “Persons Who Understand Nature of Science” through an Electricity Unit Abstract   PDF
Naime Elcan Kaynak, Valarie L. Akerson, Emel Cevik
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Three Foci of Mathematic Teachers' Considerations in Evaluation of School Students' Achievements Abstract   PDF
Ester Halfon, Yaniv Biton
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 1 (Special Issue on STEM Education) Through Biodiversity and Multiplicative Principles Turkish Students Transform the Culture of STEM Education Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Capraro, Mary Margaret Capraro, Luciana R. Barroso, James R. Morgan
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 1 Transdisciplinary Approach in Middle School: A Case Study of Co-teaching Practices in STEAM Teams Abstract   PDF
Yufei Wu, Jiaming Cheng, Tiffany A. Koszalka
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 2 Transfer of Learning in Mathematics, Science, and Reading among Students in Turkey: A Study Using 2009 PISA Data Abstract   PDF
Mack Shelley, Atila Yildirim
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 4 Understanding Middle School Students’ Motivation in Math Class: The Expectancy-Value Model Perspective Abstract   PDF
Eyup Yurt
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 2 Understanding Why Math and Science Teachers Quit: Evidence of Cognitive Errors Abstract   PDF
David W. Denton, Nalline S. Baliram, Lara Cole
Year: 2013 Volume: 1 Number: 4 Uptake as a Mechanism to Promote Student Learning Abstract   PDF
Clare Valerie Bell
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 4 Use of Web 2.0 Technologies to Enhance Learning Experiences in Alternative School Settings Abstract   PDF
Engin Karahan, Gillian Roehrig
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 3 Using an Assessment of Early Mathematical Knowledge and Skills to Inform Policy and Practice: Examples from the Early Grade Mathematics Assessment Abstract   PDF
Linda M. Platas, Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller, Yasmin Sitabkhan
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 3 Using Classroom Scenarios to Reveal Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Sociomathematical Norms Abstract   PDF
Ismail Ozgur Zembat, Seyit Ali Yasa
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 3 Using Data Mining Techniques Examination of the Middle School Students’ Attitude towards Mathematics in the Context of Some Variables Abstract   PDF
Feriha Hande Idil, Serkan Narli, Esra Aksoy
Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 2 Using Open-Response Fraction Items to Explore the Relationship Between Instructional Modalities and Students’ Solution Strategies Abstract   PDF
Jessica F. Shumway, Patricia S. Moyer-Packenham, Joseph M. Baker, Arla Westenskow, Katie L. Anderson-Pence, Stephen I. Tucker, Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood, Kerry E. Jordan
Year: 2021 Volume: 9 Number: 3 Using PhET Simulations to Improve Scientific Skills and Attitudes of Community College Students Abstract   PDF
Rex Taibu, LLoyd Mataka, Vazgen Shekoyan
Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Number: 1 (Special Issue on STEM Education) Using Precision in STEM Language: A Qualitative Look Abstract   PDF
Mary Margaret Capraro, Ali Bicer, Melva R. Grant, Yvonna S. Lincoln
Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Number: 2 (Special Issue on Educational Uses of iPads and Tablets) Using Tablets to Explore the Potential for Video-based Classroom Observations for Research and Professional Development Abstract   PDF
David Blazar, Barbara J. Gilbert, Corinne Herlihy, Claire Gogolen
Year: 2022 Volume: 10 Number: 1 Using Worked Examples with Active Learning in a Large lecture College Algebra Course Abstract   PDF
David Allan Miller, Matthew Schraeder
Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Number: 3 Utilizing Concrete Manipulatives in Contextually Distinct Situations to Assess Middle School Students’ Meanings of Force Abstract   PDF
Gokhan Ozdemir
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 2 Utilizing Geo-referenced Mobile Game Technology for Universally Accessible Virtual Geology Field Trips Abstract   PDF
Natalie Bursztyn, Joel Pederson, Brett Shelton, Andrew Walker, Todd Campbell
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 2 Various Ways of Inculcating New Solid Geometry Concepts Abstract   PDF
Dorit Patkin
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 3 Where Cultural Games Count: The Voices of Primary Classroom Teachers Abstract   PDF
Michael Johnson Nabie
Year: 2014 Volume: 2 Number: 2 Worksheet Usage, Reading Achievement, Classes' Lack of Readiness, and Science Achievement: A Cross-Country Comparison Abstract   PDF
Che-Di Lee
Year: 2019 Volume: 7 Number: 3 “Creature” Teachers “Monster” Mathematicians: Students’ Views about Mathematicians and Their Stated Attitudes to Mathematics Abstract   PDF
Vesife Hatisaru, Carol Murphy
Year: 2018 Volume: 6 Number: 3 (Special Issue on Engineering Education) “Just put it together to make no commotion:” Re-imagining Urban Elementary Students’ Participation in Engineering Design Practices Abstract   PDF
Christopher Wright, Kristen B. Wendell, Patricia P. Paugh
Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Number: 3 “True to Myself”: Transforming Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Abstract   PDF
Lorraine M Baron
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